Utilizing experiential based learning strategies and bridging theory with practice, Jenn is able to work with organizations and individuals to craft tailored workshops, individual or team coaching, day long retreats, and weekend in-services. Below is a sample of topics from Jenn’s experience:

  • identity exploration
  • bridging theory to practice with diversity, inclusion, and justice
  • emotional intelligence workshops
  • interrupting microaggressions
  • allyship through action
  • inclusive leadership practices in student programming
  • Title IX and bias, harrassment, and violence prevention training for student leaders
  • healthy realtionships & “Dating while Feminist”
  • addressing and shifting campus climate
  • self care and body positivity
  • racial identity development for bi- and multiracial students
  • leadership and working styles
  • managing conflict
  • supervising millenials
  • teambuilding

Rates are available on a sliding scale and vary by project. If you’re interested in learning more about my rates, please contact me at, or you may submit a formal request form via Google Forms.